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Diploma Exams


Diploma Exams will remain optional for the remainder of the school year.

Last Tuesday, the Alberta government announced that it would provide students and parents with the option if they want to write diploma exams for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year.

If you are planning to write your January diploma exams, connect with Mr. Lampos at george.lampos@epsb.ca so Centre High will be better prepared to administer them. 


If you are taking a diploma exam course for the first time at Centre High Campus, then your school will register you to write the examination for the course in which you are enrolled.

If you intend to rewrite a diploma exam for a course you are currently retaking at Centre High Campus, you are responsible for registering and paying the rewrite fee prior to the exam at myPass.

If you intend to rewrite a diploma exam without retaking the course, you must register and pay the rewrite fee online using myPass.

ALL students REWRITING diploma exams MUST register and pre-pay DIRECTLY with Alberta Education by the established deadlines to ensure an exam and label will be supplied to the school for the diploma writing session.

Details on registering and paying rewrite fees are explained on Alberta Education's website.

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