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Cultural Liaison

The Cultural Liaison at CHC works as a part of the Student Support Team and assists First Nations, Metis and Inuit students in connecting to post-secondary institutions, gathering information on admission requirements, connecting students to culture (i.e. Elders, ceremonies, etc), setting and reaching goals, mentoring, advocating for students with teachers and administrative staff, and much more. 


Joanne Ladouceur – Cultural Liaison 

My name is Joanne Ladouceur and I come from the traditional Metis territory of St. Albert and Lac St Anne.   Proudly, I am a descendant of the one of the founding members of the Edmonton Public School board, William Rowland when it was first established in 1881.  Our present school location is in close proximity to the street named in his honor, Rowland Road.   For twenty years, I have served the urban First Nations, Metis and Inuit student and family populations including time on the Metis settlements of Kikino and Buffalo Lake, northeast of Edmonton. 

I humbly acknowledge the teachings from the Knowledge keepers and Elders whom I have been fortunate enough to work over the years as these teachings form the foundation of the work that I do and I express extreme gratitude for these experiences and opportunities.