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About Us

Centre High Campus, a blended-learning campus offering secondary and post-secondary studies all under one roof. Students attend Centre High Campus to finish their high school studies, upgrade existing marks, enroll in specific courses for their career, or to start post-secondary studies.

Centrally located in downtown Edmonton, Centre High Campus has developed strong ties to the business community that serve to benefit one primary audience...our students. Our relationships span from financial support for students taking that first step towards their post-secondary education, to work experience, job shadow and internship opportunities.

Being unique to not only the district, but to the province as a whole, Centre High Campus provides a unique blended-campus environment seen nowhere else. This educational model highlights the success that occurs when business and education join forces to assist young adults as they begin pursuing career aspirations and pathways.

School Focus: Career Development

Centre High Campus is focused on preparing students for post-secondary studies and/or the world of work. Our focus on Career Development will ensure that every student who attends Centre High has access to information and strategies which will assist them in preparing for their future. Our goal is that every student leaves our school with a clear plan for their future. Throughout the school year, students will take part in activities which address career planning, portfolio development, and post-secondary awareness. Through these activities, students may receive credit in CTR2310, CTR3310, CTR1010, CTR2010 and/or CTR3010. If you do not wish to receive these credits, please contact an administrator.

Respectful Learning & Working Environments

Edmonton Public Schools, in co-operation with its staff groups, is committed to creating a healthy, respectful learning environment for students, staff members, trustees, parents, volunteers and contractors.

We recognize the worth of every person without discrimination. We are committed to working toward the elimination of objectionable behaviour in our schools and workplaces, and to maintaining an environment that is respectful, safe, nurturing and positive for everyone.

Please help us achieve this goal by interacting in a manner which respects the dignity and value of others.