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Aboriginal Studies

5 credits

Course Description

For the purposes of this course description, Aboriginal peoples may also be referred to as “Indigenous.”

Aboriginal Studies 30 is a provincial course for all Alberta students. Students will gain a greater understanding of the current issues facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada and worldwide. This course enables students to demonstrate an understanding of the issues of Aboriginal rights and self-government, land claims, Aboriginal peoples in Canadian society and world issues.

The course is innovative and engaging, and allows students to learn about issues and history from an Indigenous perspective. Students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of cultural experiences.  Elders and guest speakers will share Indigenous knowledge and students will attend cultural events at locations throughout the city.

Aboriginal Studies 30 is classified as a Group A Humanities/Social Sciences, Languages other than English subject according to Alberta Education and is now being widely accepted as a course requirement for admission to many post-secondary institutions across Canada. Typically, Aboriginal Studies 30 is used as a replacement for a Social Studies 30-1 mark; however, some institutions do accept both Aboriginal Studies 30 and Social 30-1 for admissions. Please refer to the institution’s website for further information.


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