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Centrally located in downtown Edmonton, our goal at Centre High Campus is "100% Success! One Student at a Time." In support of this goal, many programs and opportunities are in place to support our students in their learning and career development.  

Why attend Centre High Campus?  

  • upgrade marks from high school courses
  • complete high school diploma requirements
  • opportunity to challenge post-secondary courses
  • get a head start on your career

How do we support our students in their learning and career development?

Beginning at the classroom level, our teachers make every effort to be aware of our students' individual needs. Flexible timetabling, computer enhanced classrooms and online curricular support are made available to our students.  

Through an intensive career development program, students will have the ability to research and explore various career options. Students are also supported in their research for post-secondary options. At the hub of this activity, the Student Support Services provides individual support as the student progresses through the career development process.   

In addition to Student Support Services, Centre High Campus has developed strong ties to the business community that serve to benefit one primary audience...our students. Our relationships span from financial support for students taking that first step towards their post-secondary education, to work experience, job shadow and internship opportunities.   

In the Learning Commons, students have access to individual tutoring, a reading support program as well computers and reference material.    

Students with personal support needs can meet with our special needs coordinator or our assistant principals in the administration area or our school social worker in Student Support Services.  

How do I have the opportunity to challenge post-secondary courses?

At Centre High Campus we are fortunate to be partnered with post-secondary schools in the Edmonton area such as NAIT and MacEwan University which allow us to offer the opportunity for our students to enroll in various post-secondary courses. As well as earning high school credits, students who successfully complete these dual credit courses will be awarded post-secondary credits.