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If you require special accommodations (i.e. double time, CD format, scribe, braille) to write your diploma exams, you will be required to complete a separate application form for both the January and June writings. If you want to complete this application form or have questions regarding special accommodations, please come to the Administration office for details.

Accommodation Deadlines
November 2017 - October 4, 2017
January 2018 writing – November 10, 2017
April 2018 writing - February 23, 2018
June 2018 writing – April 12, 2018

Note from Alberta Education: 
Failure to submit a complete application and appropriate documentation by the deadline specified will result in the application being denied.

Use of a Computer
If the only accommodation you want is to write Part A of your English or Social Studies diploma exam on a computer, you are not required to complete the same application form mentioned above; you should speak to your teacher about signing up.