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Fitness & Wellness

5 credits each

Physical Education 10 / 20 / 30

With an emphasis on the students' individual sport, health and fitness goals, the Centre High Campus Physical Education Program is based strongly on nutrition, wellness and resistance, cardiovascular, and flexibility activities.  As each student comes with their own level of experience, the activities in their PE program are tailor made to fit the individual, while meeting the expectations of the three PE levels. 

Specific Expectations: 

Phys Ed 10 - Increasing individual awareness in the aspects of active living through participation and skill acquisition.

Phys Ed 20 - Applying knowledge of active living through participation, leadership development (5 hours required), and completion of a CPR course.

Phys Ed 30 - Evaluating application of active living for self and peers through participation, leadership development (8 hours required), and completion of a First Aid Course.


3-15 credits

Centre High Academic Mentoring Program

Looking to sharpen your own thinking and understanding for university? Do you need to raise your marks? Get volunteer hours?  Consider accessing CHAMP - Centre High Campus' Academic Mentorship Program. Available to all students at CHC, CHAMP supports students who want to raise their grades: both students who are struggling, and students who want to push their GPA into the 90's.  

Research shows that the best learning occurs when we need to explain or teach a concept to someone else. Students who participate in CHAMP have seen their grades go up 20-30%, while helping them to keep their understanding of their course work sharpened for university!

Prerequisite: 75% in focused content area

Chinese Language 30

5 credits

Chinese 30 is designed for students with prior knowledge of the Chinese language. This course offers students an opportunity to renew contact with their language and culture, while developing and maintaining literacy. This course permits an insight into the rich and varied cultures developed in Chinese speaking world and bestows more opportunity to communicate directly with Chinese-speaking people. 

Prerequisite: fluent reading and speaking Mandarin