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Working With Children Career Pathway


Collaborative Team Practice (TAST125) 

 5 high school credits


This course introduces students to the foundational skills required to effectively contribute to classroom learning teams. Through a variety of learning activities, students have the opportunity to build on and expand their own communication skills and practice the interpersonal skills needed to work productively in a variety of educational contexts as Educational Assistants, Social Workers, Teachers, Therapists and Coaches. The roles and responsibilities of the learning team members (teachers, consultants, out-side specialists, parents) are identified and compared as the dynamics among the roles of these team members are explored. A strong emphasis is placed on experiential learning and self-growth activities. Students will work as Teaching Assistants twice a month in an Elementary school classroom.

Prerequisite: 65% in Grade 12 English

Assistive Technologies | Working with Disabilities (TAST128)

5 high school credits 


This course provides an introduction to assistive/adaptive technologies used to support children and young adults with a diversity of learning needs to achieve success in their learning and work throughout their lives. Students will compare methods used to make decisions about appropriate assistive/adaptive technologies for specific needs and examine their role in this process. They will also develop, maintain and apply the knowledge, skills and attributes that enable them to use technology effectively, efficiently and innovatively in support of student learning. The course emphasizes and reinforces problem solving skills as students develop the ability to support students with a variety of technology. Students will work as Teaching Assistants twice a month in an Elementary school classroom.  

Prerequisite: 65% in Grade 12 English 

WWCCP (Working with Children Career Pathway) participants will benefit from ongoing support, professional development and career internship opportunities from Edmonton Public Schools Human Resource Services, in addition to industry certifications in First aid, with CPR and AED, Mental Health First Aid, and Violent Threat Risk Assessment.