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Safewalk begins November 16!

25 October 2021

Feeling anxious walking to and from school by yourself? That anxiety is valid and that is why Safewalk programs exist around the world. There is strength in numbers.

Safewalkers will accompany you to any transit station, lunch stop or vehicle (and wait with you by request) in the surrounding area of Centre High. Safewalk volunteers will not ride transit with you.

Interested in having a pair of Safewalk volunteers accompany you? You need only to wait by the downstairs banner during the listed hours, or you can schedule a recurring walk by filling out the form here:  Safewalk Request Form . You can also email stephen.rinn@epsb.ca or DM our Instagram @centrehighcampus to request a walk.

To start, safewalk hours will be during lunch 11:30am - 12:30 and after schools 3:30pm. You can request walks before school 8:30am - 9am by special request.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Fill out this form here: Safewalk Volunteer Application

If you have any questions please email Stephen Rinn at stephen.rinn@epsb.ca