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ESL Program

The program chosen for Centre High ESL students is based on their English proficiency. ESL students joining Centre High from other schools continue their programming based on the ESL classes already completed. New students are assessed and based on this initial assessment, they are placed in the program that best supports their proficiency.

The courses offered in the ESL program include:

  • ESL Levels 1-4
  • English 10-2, 20-2
  • Canadian Studies 25
  • Math 15
  • Reading 15/25
  • Science 10
  • Social 10-2
  • Academic Achievement through English Language Development 15/25/35

Additional supports:

  • An Assistant Principal is assigned to work with ESL students ( ESL level 1-4 and grade 10 courses) and their teachers to better support their needs (financial support, counseling, community services).

Read more about our ESL program here: ESL 2020 flyer

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