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ALERT: Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning. Learn more. 


Course Descriptions


Communications - 6 credits

This course introduces the student to the complexities of written and oral communication. Learn business writing strategies and techniques to communicate ideas effectively through written communication in an academic setting, and gain skills for effective writing and oral presentations.

Prerequisite: none

Business Productivity Software

Business Productivity Software - 6 credits

This course introduces productivity applications in business. Emphasis will be placed on applied computing to develop skills in office applications such as spreadsheet, documentation, presentation, and collaboration tools for problem-solving and decision-making.

prerequisite: none

Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Finance - 6 credits

Learn the tools, calculations, and components needed to complete a financial plan; time value of money, financial goal setting, and tax planning concepts; and concepts and calculations relating to money, credit, and risk management. Learn how to calculate the cost of revolving and installment type credit facilities and apply the tools and techniques required to purchase and finance a home. Learn fundamental concepts in investing, including a discussion of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Retirement and estate planning concepts, including annuity and retirement income calculations, will be discussed. 

prerequisite: none

Introductory Accounting

5 credits

This course provides an introduction to financial accounting and the preparation of basic financial statements for small businesses. You will begin by examining generally accepted accounting principles and basic accounting concepts.  The accounting cycle will be developed as you work through the transactions of service and retail businesses.  This course is the foundation of all other accounting courses, and the gateway to many accounting related careers.

prerequisite: none

Advanced Accounting

5 credits

This course is offered to those students who have a desire to further explore educational and career opportunities in the world of accounting.  Students will learn various advanced accounting practices and apply previous knowledge to businesses of varying complexity (Partnerships, Corporations, Merchandising, and Manufacturing).  This course is designed to provide exposure to the foundation skills that managers will need to be successful in today’s dynamic world. 

Prerequisite: Introductory Accounting (or Retail Accounting 2)  


Additional Opportunities available to students

Consider the possibilities with an Office Administrator Certificate

For students pursuing a career in Office Administration, Centre High will issue a Certificate of Achievement to students upon the successful completion of Communications, Business Productivity Software and Introductory Accounting. This Certificate will include a summary of the different outcomes and skills mastered during the courses (total of 17 credits).

Office Administrators have extensive knowledge of office practices and software enabling you to skillfully manage the administrative activities of any size business operation.  Office Administrators perform a variety of professional positions in an organization, including, but not limited to: Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Typist/Word Processing Specialist, Records Clerk and Office Assistant.

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