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One on One Tutors

Jenna_Kolotyluk 300 x 200Students can take advantage of one on one tutoring by subject specific teachers throughout the week in the Academic Support & Online Centre (room 403B); schedules are posted below and around the school.

Diploma Exam tutorials will be scheduled to commence immediately before the January and June diploma exams. Watch for dates and times in your classrooms and on the CHC TV announcement system.

All tutorials are offered at no cost to all our current students.

Tutorial Schedule S1 2018-19


Looking to sharpen your own thinking and understanding for university? Do you need to raise your marks? Get volunteer hours?  Consider accessing CHAMP - Centre High Campus' Academic Mentorship Program. Available to all students at CHC, CHAMP supports students who want to raise their grades: both students who are struggling, and students who want to push their GPA into the 90's.  

Research shows that the best learning occurs when we need to explain or teach a concept to someone else. Students who participate in CHAMP have seen their grades go up 20-30%, while helping them to keep their understanding of their course work sharpened for university!  

See our Work Experience Coordinator or your AP for more information on joining or becoming a CHAMP.