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2 credits

Centre High Campus Ambassadors is a team of students that represent the school by assisting at school and community events. Ambassadors are involved with various business partners and charitable organizations, serving as role models and facilitators. This is a great opportunity to gain volunteer experience and develop interpersonal skills while helping the community.

Prerequisite: none

Anatomy & Physiology

5 credits

This course is a foundation to the basic understanding of the Human Body Systems and Disorders. Students intending to pursue careers in Health Care, Nursing, Medicine, or Wellness-related industries will benefit tremendously from the knowledge gained in this course option.

Required Prerequisite: 60% in Biology 30


3 - 5 credits

The robotics program at Centre High is a unique course that offers students the chance to learn computer coding through the use of robotics. Throughout the term there will be opportunities to use multiple platforms including:

  • Scratch – visual based coding platform that allows students to create games and animations.
  • Mbot – Robot platform that builds upon scratch to empower students to program their very own robot.
  • Spheros – A rolling Bluetooth robot that introduces students to a variety of coding concepts.

This course introduces students to the world of computers in an easy and accessible format. It is about being creative and coming up with solutions using robots. It is also a fun and unique way to develop some new skills.

Prerequisite: none

Travel & Hospitality Management

1 credit modules to a maximum of 5 credits

Students are introduced to the Tourism industry by exploring the sectors that form the industry as a whole. Students meet with the instructor to get assignments and work at their own pace to complete as many modules as needed or desired. The course provides a good base for the Travel program at MacEwan and / or the Hospitality Management program at NAIT.

Prerequisite: none