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Business Communications

COMM1101 | Communications Level 1  - 3 NAIT transfer credits also 6 CTS high school credits

This course introduces the student to the complexities of written and oral communication. Learn business writing strategies and techniques to communicate ideas effectively through written communication in an academic setting, and gain skills for effective writing and oral presentations.

Prerequisite: 55% in grade 12 English

Business Computers

CMIS1150 | Introduction to Information Technology - 3 NAIT transfer credits, also up to 9 CTS high school credits

This course introduces computers and their applications in business. Computer hardware and software, communication, networking, and security issues are explored. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills in the use of personal productivity tools, and using application software for problem-solving and decision-making.

prerequisite: 55% in both grade 12 English and Math 30-2

Business Finance

FNCE1125 | Introduction to Finance - 3 NAIT transfer credits also 6 CTS high school credits

Learn the tools, calculations, and components needed to complete a financial plan; time value of money, financial goal setting, and tax planning concepts; and concepts and calculations relating to money, credit, and risk management. Learn how to calculate the cost of revolving and installment type credit facilities and apply the tools and techniques required to purchase and finance a home. Learn fundamental concepts in investing, including a discussion of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Retirement and estate planning concepts, including annuity and retirement income calculations, will be discussed. 

prerequisite: 55% in Math 30-2

NAIT Transfer Information ‌

‌Upon successful entry into NAIT's Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration program, students who successfully complete these DUAL CREDIT courses with a final grade not less than 67% will be awarded 9 'advanced transfer credits', equal to approximately $2583.50 in savings in NAIT tuition and student fees.

Entrepreneurial Leadership 35

‌5+ credits

Students will learn how to think critically, identify and problem solve, through volunteerism and mentorship opportunities within the school and local community. Students will also demonstrate communication and team work skills through group activities and apply the fundamental skills of valued leaders in their everyday lives.

Introduction to Hotel & Restaurant Management

1 credit modules to a maximum of 5 credits

Students are introduced to the Tourism industry by exploring the sectors that form the industry as a whole. Students meet with the instructor to get assignments and work at their own pace to complete as many modules as needed or desired. The course provides a good base for the Travel program at MacEwan and / or the Hospitality Management program at NAIT.

Prerequisite: none

Office Administrator

15-20 credits

As an Office Administrator, your knowledge of office practices and software enables you to skillfully manage the administrative activities of any size business operation. They are employed in large corporations, small businesses, insurance companies, real estate, government departments, and more.  Office Administrators perform a variety of professional positions in an organization, including, but not limited to: Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Typist/Word Processing Specialist, Records Clerk, and Office Assistant.